Glass Partition for you home and office

Crystalia Glass partition walls are room dividers of high-quality and have non-load-bearing glass panes. The glass partitions are useful for creating an open and airy environment without building a permanent wall. The glass divisions are designed to fit from the floor up to the ceiling. Aluminum and steel frames are mostly used to hold the glass partitions in position.   We ensure the glass partition walls take minimal space, and also they don’t block the light entering the room. They can create comfortable office working spaces, and the natural light is excellent. The glass partitions can change how the office looks and also updates an office block. We have different types of glass partitions you can use both on residential and commercial buildings.

1. Aluminium Glass Partitions.   Aluminum frames offer a single glazed wall which is economical and stylish. If the glass partition for office uses an aluminum frame, it improves its aesthetic look. The type of installation is appropriate for both office and residential use. Aluminum is lightweight and offers maximum rigidity. Its also not prone to corrosion, which means it can last for long.   Crystalia offers anodized and black aluminum frames for your office. The setup can support 3/8″ and 1/4″ tempered glasses. Aluminum glass partitions are useful where drop and lift applications can’t be used.

2. Steel-Frame Glass Partitions.   These custom steel frames hold the glass firmly and in a contemporary design. It allows for free natural light flow in the building, and the frame is bespoke with no visible and careless welding seams. The steel frameworks well with double-leaf sliding doors pivoted doors and also single doors. It can be fabricated to fit any specific place despite the technical requirements. The frame supports both clear infill glasses and tempered ones from 1/4″ glass panes. The frame has a special coating to improve its aesthetics.

3. Glass Partition For Homes. Glass walls’ popularity in moderns home setups is increasing. They allow one to maximize their living space. You can use the glass walls to partition showers, home office, bedroom or even kitchen area. The glass divisions can be removed if one needs changes. Glass wall with sunrooms can be a fantastic add-on to your home during summer. It allows more natural light to enter your house during the day.

4. Glass Partitions For Office or for patio additions in Sacramento by LGL Organizations tend to buy open spaces for offices that are easier to customize according to personal preferences. There are two common types of office glass partitions; Fixed or retractable. Office glass partitions offer maximum natural light, and one can easily monitor their employees.   Our office partition glasses are usually soundproof and 100% safe. The glass is tempered using a monolithic film which helps strengthen the glass. It’s cheap to partition the office block using glass compared to other modes of division. Office partitions are gaining popularity since they increase the amount of natural light entering the offices.   Visit our website

  • 5. Frameless Glass Partitions.   The frameless partition gives a room maximum daylight. It improves visibility, and the sightlines are open. The finish is superb and makes it preferable for office blocks.   Advantages Of Crystalia Glass Partitions.   – Glass partitions are relatively cheap and affordable when compared to drywall installations.   – Glass is transparent hence eradicating the need for additional lighting installation. They offer natural lighting, which can be adequate to run your daily needs.   – The partitions are not permanent and can be moved any time you need them. It gives a user the freedom they need to change their room partition when they want.  
  • – The finishes are stylish and give an official look.  
  • – They offer maximum visibility. For office managers, they can easily monitor their employees with ease.  
  • – Glass partitions are easy to reconfigure when you need changes in your block.  
  • – Its construction is easy and cheap compared to drywall installation. It needs a few components that are affordable and can be done in a few hours.  
  • – The installation takes less time to put up.  
  • – It creates a feeling of openness and can help increase your employees’ performance.  


Crystalia works closely with clients to give their best. Our installations are done within the agreed timeline. You can pick any design from a wide range of options. All our fittings are fabricated to meet specific needs and technical specifications.